Spray Paint Photography

I’ve always been interested in different types of photography. One thing I’ve always been interesting is combining traditional forms of art with photography. Photographing art work is a big part of my business these days. People want to catolougue collections, take photos for an auction or insurance purposes and some want to create brochures to advertise their museum or event.

I recently came across some photos of art that had been done using spray paints and was intrigued to have a go. The colours were very vivid in real life and even more so on the photography. I enquired about what spray paints had been used and discovered that ral aerosol spray paints had been used. Ral and pantone spray paints are very popular right now for their wide range of vivid colours.

Getting colours to pop in photography takes practice, the lighting has to be perfect. I bought some spray paints to practice with. The colours were amazing in real life but I was struggling to recreate the brilliance on the camera.

Daylight was no good so I set it some paints up in the studio with some professional lights and I started to get somewhere. I don’t want to post the results yet as I haven’t got them to a standard I’m happy with.

I found these pictures interesting as well.